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What is a sneaker?


The term ”Sneaker” usually describes a type of footwear with a flexible rubber sole and upper made of leather or sythetic materials.

Originally, sneakers were mostly limited to sports or physical excersice. Now, sneakers are used for every kind of casual everyday activities.


A fun-fact about sneaker is that the term originated from how quiet the shoes are when hitting the ground in contract to noisy standard hard leather sole dress shoes. If wearing sneakers you could easily ”sneak up” on someone without them hearing you.

Prison wardens would often in the old days wear sneakers, so they could ”surveil” the inmates without getting noticed. Hence, they were often referred to as ”sneaks”.


Why ”The Low Laced”?


When we first sat down and wanted to create a shoe, our first thought and mantra was: ”Less is More”. The simplicity and clean lines of a design often has more power than chaos.

Therefor we created ”The Low Laced” Sneaker, or The Nr. 1 as we call it in the office.

A classic that is easy to fall in love with.

This shoe also have no segmentation limit, it can be worn by anyone, anywhere, anytime. We have the selection of options that suits every occaion.


The journey started with a few basics in black, white and silver metallic leather. These options quickly became a success and every season we have expanded our range in colours and qualities. Today, 4 seansons later, you can get ”The Low Laced” sneaker in almost any combination and colour. For instance we have Nubuck, Polido, Embossed Leather, Regular Leather, Limonta and Suede.


After ”The Low Laced” we have expanded out range significantly and the M.A.M.B. OSLO shoe collections consists of everything from Rain Boots, Winter Boots and the little more edgy High Tops.


All out shoes ”are made for walking” and we focus on comfort, quality and style. We use only the best materials from Italy and Portugal. Every little piece and detail is planned and looked out for and the M.A.M.B. sneaker is Made in Portugal.


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Much Love from the M.A.M.B. Oslo Family.