The project M.A.M.B  OSLO
M.A.M.B  OSLO  is a Norwegian ready-to-wear shoe and clothing brand created by Me and my Brothers fashion agency. The project launched in December 2014 with a sneaker collection and a clothing line was launched in August 2015. We design simple and functional pieces with a clean line and an urban, yet classic focus in the fitting. Our work is a mixture of urban aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship.

The look embrace the everyday wear and is influenced by the underground feel and urbanised culture of Oslo. Our silhouette is long and details are powerful, but wearable everyday. Our mission: To dress as many like-minded “Brothers and Sisters” as possible.

The background of M.A.M.B.  OSLO
The M.A.M.B.  OSLO  project started as an idea and dream of the people working at Me & My Brothers (M.A.M.B.).

“We had a desire to create and communicate our vision”

M.A.M.B. is located in Oslo Norway. The Company is run by two brothers and a crew of like-minded people considered as “adopted to the family”, therefore the name Me & my Brothers (M.A.M.B.). The company started as a “boyhood-dream”, with a goal to dress and gather as many “brothers and sisters” to our vision of fashion as possible. The dream finally came true and has grown even bigger every day since it all started.

Me and My Brothers are all about close contact, high level of service and quality in everything we do. We consider our costumers, partners and followers as family and operate accordingly to that philosophy.

“Family is the first essential cell of human society”OUR